• Faster changeovers: Switch between flute profiles in minutes, not hours, for increased production potential.
  • Enhanced flexibility: Produce various corrugated sheets to cater to diverse customer needs.
  • Optimized efficiency: Common components minimize maintenance and streamline production processes.
  • Reduced costs: Eliminate the need for additional flute rollers and their associated expenses.

Invest in the Double Profile Corrugation Machine and unlock a new era of efficient and versatile corrugated sheet production in India!

Boost your corrugated sheet production with a revolutionary double-profile corrugation machine in India! Our innovative machine boasts two sets of flute rollers – one narrow and one broad – allowing you to switch between flute profiles in minutes swiftly. Gone are the days of lengthy changeovers! Its hydraulic system ensures a smooth and silent transition,
maximizing your uptime and productivity. Furthermore, the machine utilizes a standard gum unit and pressure roller for both profiles, streamlining your operations and reducing costs.

Invest in an automatic rotary die cutter and experience the power of efficient, precise, and high-volume cutting in your Indian industrial operation.