• Material: Mild Steel
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Phase 3 Phase
  • Minimum Feeding Size: 350x650mm
  • Economic Speed 50 Pieces/min
  • Cardboard Thickness 7 Ply Cardboard
  • Max Feeding Size: 1400 X 2400 Mm


● Cost-effective: Single-color printing keeps costs down, which is ideal for businesses
starting or focusing on simple designs.
● Durable construction: Mild steel build ensures longevity and withstands demanding
production environments.
● Efficient operation: 50Hz, 3-phase power, and 50 pieces/min speed optimize
production output.
● Versatile material handling: Works seamlessly with 7 ply cardboard or thinner,
catering to diverse packaging needs.
● Flexible feeding size: Accommodates small boxes (350x650mm) to large sheets
(1400x2400mm), expanding your design possibilities

Boost Your Packaging Production with Single Colour Printer Slotter Machine in India!
Engineered for efficiency and affordability, this robust single colour printer slotter machine in
India, crafted from durable mild steel, empowers Indian businesses to streamline their
corrugated box production. With a 50Hz, 3-phase operation, it effortlessly handles
cardboards up to 7 ply thick, delivering an impressive economic speed of 50 pieces per
minute. The versatile feeding size accommodates projects ranging from 350x650mm to a
spacious 1400x2400mm, maximizing your creative freedom.