Boost your packaging productivity with this feature-packed semi-automatic stitcher machine in India! Enjoy precise control with an electric pressure adjustment for paper roller clearance, ensuring consistent stitching quality for materials from 30mm to 120mm thickness. The arbitrarily adjustable lift table with a 900mm effective height offers ergonomic operation for  various box sizes. Maximize space utilization with the compact 2.8m x 2.7m x 2m frame, while the robust 2-ton weight ensures stability during operation.


  • Electric Pressure of Paper Roller Clearance Adjustment
  • Nail from 30 – 120 – Mm
  • Arbitrary Adjustable Lift Table Effective Height 900 Mm Machine Covers an Area of Size
  • Host 2.8 X2.7 X2 Meters Machine Weight 2t


  • Increased productivity: Stitch boxes faster and more efficiently with semi-automatic operation
  • Enhanced versatility: handle a wide range of box sizes and thicknesses easily.
  • Improved precision: Achieve consistent stitching quality with electric pressure
  • Space-saving design: Optimize your workspace with a compact machine footprint.
  • Durable construction: Enjoy long-lasting performance with the sturdy build.

Invest in this versatile semi-automatic stitcher machine and experience the perfect blend of automation, efficiency, and precision for your packaging needs in India!

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