Revolutionize your industrial cutting process with this high-performance Automatic Rotary Die Cutter in India. Engineered for precision and speed, this machine seamlessly handles mild steel with its 5 HP motor. Fully automatic operation minimizes manual labor and maximizes output, while the three-phase, 50 Hz configuration ensures compatibility with standard industrial power grids. Invest in quality and efficiency – choose this robust Rotary Die Cutter for your demanding production needs.


  • Type of Machine Die Cutter
  • Automation Grade Automatic
  • Usage/application Industrial
  • Material Mild Steel
  • Phase Three Phase
  • Frequency 50hz
  • Motor Power 5 Hp


  • Effortless automation: Maximize output with minimal operator intervention, savingtime and labor costs.
  • Precise die-cutting: Achieve intricate shapes and consistent quality with every cut,thanks to the precision die system.
  • Versatile material handling: Easily cut through various materials, from paper andcardboard to textiles and plastics.
  • Enhanced productivity: Meet high-volume demands effortlessly, boosting your overall production capacity.
  • Reliable Indian craftsmanship: : Enjoy peace of mind with a machine built to last,backed by local support and expertise.
Invest in an automatic rotary die cutter and experience the power of efficient, precise, and high-volume cutting in your Indian industrial operation.